What are Pixinsight scripts?

Scripts are Pixinsight add-on functionality, built using the PI javascript extensibility platform as opposed to processes which are built with the core PI c++ libraries.  From a usage perspective, they look & feel very much the same as processes.  The one significant difference is that when you run a script, the user interface is “modal” meaning you can only interact with “that” window in PI until you exit the script.   

Installing Scripts

You can add new scripts to PixInsight by going to:
  • Resources–> Updates–>Manage Repositories
  • Then click “Add”

  • Type or paste the URL of the script repository and click “OK”
  • Resources–>Updates–>Check for Updates
  • After the updates have been downloaded, restart PixInsight and the new scripts will be installed upon startup.

In some cases a repository is not available.  In this case:

  • Save the script file in c:\program files\pixinsight\bin
  • Go to Script–>Feature Scripts and click “Add”. Navigate to the above directory, click “select folder”
  • PI should find your new script file & install it. 

Scripts by Hartmut Bornemann

Repository: https://www.skypixels.at/HVB_Repository/

Website: http://www.skypixels.at/pixinsight_scripts.html

There are some incredibly useful scripts in this repo:
  • GAME enables creating 1 or more elliptical or n-node polygonal shaped masks.  You sketch out the shapes of the regions that you want masked & then indicate the type of masks you want it to produce.  Gradient edge masks are particularly handy.
  • PSFImage is a great tool for createing Point Spread Function images which you can use with the Deconvolution process.
  • AutoColor will automatically perform a background neutralization & color calibration with no user input required, it works very well and couldn’t be simplier.  
  • etc….. lots of great tools to experiment with. 


Star De-emphasizer

This is a new script that implements Adam Block’s star de-emphasis method for reducing the size of smaller stars without impacting larger stars that appear to be more in the forefront of the field. 

Repository: https://pixinsight-updates.astroswell.com/


EZ Processing Suite

The EZ Processing Suite Provides tools to do the following.  The Star Reduction tool works very well, uses Starnet++ to build star masks. 
  • Deconvolion
  • Noise Reduction
  • Stretching
  • Star Reduction
  • HDR 

Dynamic Paintbrush

Written by RBA, this is super handy for touching up masks & stuff like that rather than wrestling w/ clone stamping them.  

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