This is a bit of an experiment, so we’ll see how this works out.  I plan to have someone from the club publish a sample data set on a monthly basis.  This will…

  • Provide club members with access to good quality data to learn & practice with
  • Do processing workshops via zoom where we can walk through different workflows to process the data, ideally different members can walk through their tools & workflows so that we can all learn new approaches
  • It will be fun to see what end product different people are able to produce with the same dataset

Dataset details

The target is the Leo Triplet, the data was captured in April 2021 at Withlacoochee River Park. 

There are two options – a pre-stacked master image which you can download & process, or the full raw dataset which you can stack to build a master image which you would then process.  

Stacked Master


File Size: ~300MB

File Type: FITS

Raw Data


File size: ~5GB

After downloading, unzip the file which contains the following directories:

  • bias
  • darks
  • flats
  • lights
  • master

Acquisition details

Target: The Leo Triplet

Acquired by: Jamie Kenas

Acquisition Date: 4/8/2021

Location: Withlacoochee River Park

OTA: Celestron RASA 11

Camera: ZWO ASI 2600MC Pro

Filter: IDAS D1 

Lights:  120s x69 at Gain 100

Darks: 30

Bias: 30

Flats: 25


How to Stack the data

article on this to be published shortly….

Processed Image

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